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Recent ENT Update Newsletter Topics

Autumn 2014

  • Endocscopic Sinus Surgery for Asthma
  • A Rate Serious Complication of Strep Tonsillitis
  • PAP Helps Golfers with Sleep Apnea Improve Their Game
  • Voice Problems Among College Students

Summer 2014

  • A Management Protocol for Severe Epistaxis
  • Childhood Pulmonary Hypertension Reversal After Adenoid Removal
  • Health Status After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Prevalence and Impact of Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction

Spring 2014

  • Unilateral Hearing Loss and Academic Performance
  • Amitriptyline for Symptoms of Chronic Laryngitis
  • Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy and Psychiatric Symptoms Before and After Surgery
  • Determining the Cause of Dysphagia




For Physicians

Dr. Zeme's Eden Hospital operating room staffEar Nose Throat Surgeon East San Francisco Bay CaliforniaWe understand the importance of making sure our referring physicians fully understand the conditions your patients are being treated for. We provide the information you need to update your records and help your patients maintain their ENT health.

Dr. Zeme is one of the only ENT physicians in the East Bay certified in Balloon Sinuplasty, an advanced, minimally invasive surgical procedure for treating symptoms of acute sinusitis with minimal or no tissue removal. He is also trained in Coblation, an advanced technology that safely removes tonsils and adenoids without damage to surrounding healthy tissue.


Dr. Zeme accepts most major HMO and PPO insurance plans.

He is also a member of the following medical groups:

  • Hills Physicians Medical Group
  • Bay Valley Medical Group
  • Affinity Medical Group
  • TriWest Health Care Alliance
  • Alameda Alliance
  • Children’s First Medical Group
  • Medicare

Physician's Newsletters

ENT Update, Spring 2015

  • Voice Problems in Adults: Prevalence and Treatment
  • New Tool to Measure Quality of Life after Sinus Surgery
  • Reassessing Septoplasty Outcomes in Children
  • Improving the Management of Pediatric Epistaxis

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