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Benefits of Coblation Treatments

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A Fast Return to Normal Breathing

Tonsillectomy Surgery Just Got Better!

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Do You Suffer from Nasal Airway Obstruction?


“I could breathe more easily and about four weeks after surgery, I actually had my sense of smell back.”
—Sinus surgery




Coblation Treatments

Coblation® is an advanced technology that combines gentle radio frequency energy with a natural salt solution to quickly and safely remove tissue.

ENT surgeonWhy Tonsils and Adenoids Are Removed

The tonsils may be removed for two main reasons including obstruction and chronic infection.

In the past, tonsils and adenoids were commonly removed as a treatment for chronic infection or tonsillitis. Today, 75 percent of adenotonsillectomies are performed to remove enlarged tonsils causing obstruction to the airway, which can lead to sleep-disordered breathing.

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nasal airway obstructionNasal Airway Obstruction

Nasal airway obstruction is a serious annoyance. Blocked nasal passages force you to breathe through your mouth, making simple, everyday activities such as eating, speaking, and sleeping more difficult. Often the cause of nasal airway obstruction is enlarged turbinates. Turbinates are small, bony structures located in the nasal passages that are covered with mucous membranes.

turbinate reductcion procedureTurbinate Reduction

Traditional medical therapy, including allergen/irritant avoidance and/or use of nasal medications, may be sufficient to address turbinate enlargement. In some cases, however, turbinate enlargement is unresponsive to medical management. Surgical procedures, such as Coblation® turbinate reduction, that reduce the size of the obstructing turbinates can not only improve symptoms, but can also allow medical management to be more effective.

Coblation is an advanced technology that quickly and effectively removes and shrinks soft tissue inside the turbinates using gentle radio frequency energy and natural saline to alleviate nasal obstruction in patients. Coblation is not a heat-driven process. As a result, surrounding healthy tissue is preserved allowing for a fast and easy recovery. This quick outpatient procedure takes less than 10 minutes. Patients typically return home shortly after the procedure, and can experience a 50% reduction in nasal airway obstruction within one week

Benefits of Coblation Treatments

Results of clinical studies confirm that children whose tonsils were removed by the Coblation Tonsillectomy procedure experienced less pain and recovered more quickly — including returning to a normal diet three times faster — than those who underwent other techniques.

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